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Dupres - Educational activities

Educational and consulting courses are carried out at a highly professional level. This statement is supported by the fact that the tutors, under whose direction the participants gain the knowledge and skills supporting their assertiveness on the labour market or in the workplace, are university-educated. The activities are aimed at different areas of education and at different target groups. Every course consists of modules. The content and range of the whole course depends on the syllabus intensity and the number of lessons in a module. Various teaching methods are used in the courses in order to achieve the set goals; mainly lectures, brainstorming methods, group talk and discussions, consulting and education through e-learning. Training enables the participants to work with modern didactic and audiovisual technology. Conditions for passing the course are an active approach and the trainees' participation in lectures, as well as giving proof, in front of an examination committee, of the knowledge and skills gained. After meeting these conditions, the participants receive a certificate of completing a course accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.


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